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Greenway Surgical Clinic, serves Oklahoma City and the surrounding metros, providing Bariatric & General surgeries. Providing our patients with the tools to succeed with weight loss is one of our main focuses here at Greenway Surgical. Wether you are starting your weight-loss journey, or are in the middle of it we can help! Call today to schedule your free consultation. 
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At Greenway Surgical Clinic we provide excellence in medical and surgical care by combining cutting-edge technology and an individualized approach to each patient. We specialize in Lap-Band removal and bariatric surgery revision including sleeve to bypass conversion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Body Mass Index is a main portion of determining who is a candidate for bariatric surgery. There have been some recent updates that are starting to be accepted by insurances, but for now everyone agrees that a BMI over 40 qualifies. If you have a BMI as low as 27.5 as well as other medical problems such as diabetes, you may be a candidate. Call us for more information. Use our BMI Index above!

Many insurances cover bariatric surgery, but not all. Please call us for a free insurance bariatric surgery benefit check at (888) 498-4423

Most patients are back to work in a week, though they may have lifting restrictions.

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I am a 39 year old male that became ill and was diagnosed with Diverticulitis with an abcess on the outside of my colon wall. I was blessed to be under the care of Dr.Roy Greenway with my emergency stay in SW Integris and he performed my major colon surgery. He is VERY concerned with patient care and recovery, I feel he went WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND than what one would assume the average doctor would typically do. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Roy Greenway to my own family and friends. His compassion for his patient's is what is missing from alot of other medical providers of this day and time!!

Dr. Greenway was awesome! He took the time to explain everything, he made you feel comfortable and he was very kind!!


Thank you Doctor Greenway! I will never forget you. You were my surgeon through a very difficult time in my life and saved my life! Thank you Thank you Thank you! You were a great surgeon and I appreciate you checking on me and your bedside manner. I was scared and you made me feel safe. I would trust you again with my life. Thank you and the nurses, because all of you were outstanding with a very difficult patient. 🙂 God bless you.

Dr. Greenway's office is located in an area that is easy to get in and out of. There isn't a long waiting list when you schedule a visit. Also when you arrive for you visit, you are usually called back fairly quick. His appointment nurse and patient nurses are friendly which helps to seattle your nerves and relieving your stress, related to you doctoc visit. Dr.Greenway listens, allowing me to inform him of my health issue. I really felt at ease during every visit.

Dr. Roy Greenway Jr. is without a doubt the best doctor/surgeon I have ever had. He explained everything to me in a way I could understand. He is a very caring doctor who went above and beyond for me when I was his patient. If I could give the guy 10 stars, I would. He also has a very friendly staff who also went out of their way to make me feel at ease and comfortable. We need more doctors like him.

Dr. Greenway was the BIGGEST BLESSING! I had basically emergency gallbladder surgery. I was in a severe amount of abdominal pain and could not hold any food down at all, I literally could not eat. I had never seen him before, but he was willing to do my surgery anyways! he talked with me before, went over everything, answered all my questions. and was genuinely concerned with my situation. He was kind and caring. checked on me several times periodically though my check in process at the hospital. I came through my surgery just fine. I followed up with him 2 weeks after and he was wonderful at that time as well. If I EVER have any other surgical needs , I will be calling him! I HIGHLY recommend him!