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Bariatric Surgery Revisions

Lap-BAND Revision

Bariatric surgery is a valuable tool to treat obesity, but patients who have had LAP-BAND® surgery may occasionally experience stalls in weight loss, and some may regain significant weight. For many LAP-Band patients who are unhappy with their results, a revision procedure may be the best way to regain health and long-term weight loss. 

Bariatric Surgery Revision in OKC

Inadequate results or complications from a Sleeve or Bypass

Are you getting inadequate weight loss results or experiencing complications from a prior sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass? At Greenway Surgical Clinic we can discuss converting those surgeries to another beneficial bariatric surgery. Not sure what options are best for you? Call us today and speak with one of our surgery specialists. (405) 601-4423

Reasons for Bariatric Revision Surgery

Recovery After a Bariatric Revision Surgery

Recovery time can vary depending on your treatment plan, but most patients require one week off of work and several weeks away from strenuous activity. Dr. Greenway and his team will be available to help you after your bariatric procedure, including follow-up appointments and diet and exercise guidance.

Frequently Asked Bariatric Revision Surgery Questions

Before having a revision surgery, it is important to explore all avenues of jumpstarting weight loss. If you have an adjustable band and you are experiencing difficulty losing or maintaining a healthy weight, or if you are experiencing complications such as abdominal pain or reflux, you may be a candidate for LAP-BAND revision surgery.

If you are unhappy with your LAP-BAND, whether due to complications or excess weight, we can help. Dr. Greenway can explain your bariatric revision surgery options and let you know if gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, or a band removal may be right for you.

Dr. Greenway also treats patients who have had their original LAP-BAND procedure with another practice. Wherever you had your initial procedure, you can contact us if you are seeking band maintenance, guidance or a second opinion about available options.