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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass surgery offers patients the chance to take control of their health and improve their overall well-being. Dr. Greenway and the team offer patient-centered care and comprehensive treatment plans for patients seeking to lose weight with gastric bypass surgery.

How does Gastric Bypass Surgery work?

Gastric Bypass is both malabsorptive and restrictive, meaning that the procedure restricts the amount of food a person can intake and also limits the amount of calories that the body absorbs from food that is eaten. During a gastric bypass, a small upper stomach pouch is created that is separated from the lower portion of the stomach. Part of the small intestine is then rerouted and a portion of it goes up to the new stomach pouch. After a gastric bypass the digestive system works differently—the food that is eaten goes down one limb of the Y connection and the digestive juices made by the stomach, liver, and pancreas travel down the other limb of the Y connection. By the time the food meets the digestive juices, the majority of the stomach and small intestine have been bypassed. This leaves very little time for the calories that were consumed to be absorbed.

Dr. Greenway is skilled in the latest surgical advancements and uses laparoscopic techniques to minimize scarring and recovery time. Laparoscopic surgery utilizes a tiny camera and very small incisions which results in less postoperative pain, fewer narcotics used, a shorter hospital stay, and quicker return to activities of daily living.

Gastric Bypass Surgery in OKC

What are the benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

What kind of weight loss results can I expect after gastric bypass?

The average Gastric Bypass patient loses up to 70% of their excess body weight. Many patients are able to reduce or discontinue prescription medications for obesity-related conditions. Your individual results will depend on your medical history and your ability to commit to a new lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and a healthy diet.

Recovery after Gastric Bypass

The recovery time for Gastric Bypass varies, but most patients can expect to resume regular activities within two weeks. Patients will be prescribed dietary guidelines to follow in the weeks after surgery, and will be scheduled for follow up appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many insurances cover gastric bypass surgery, but not all. Please call us for a free insurance bariatric surgery benefit check at  405-601-5169

Every surgical procedure has some risk of side effects or complications, such as infection or blood clots. Fortunately, gastric bypass is generally considered to be a safe and effective procedure. The most common short-term side effects, such as grogginess from anesthesia and tenderness at incision sites, are temporary. Long-term side effects such as bowel obstruction, hernia, or ulcers, are rare.

In the immediate days after surgery, you will follow a liquid diet and progress back to common foods. Our Registered Dietitian will guide you in your post-op diet. After you are fully recovered you’ll be able to eat many of your favorite foods again, with a focus on lean protein and unprocessed foods. Since you’ll be eating fewer calories overall, we will recommend supplements to ensure you get enough vitamins and calcium.

One of the most common things we hear from patients after bariatric surgery is, “I wish I did this sooner!” Patients report feeling healthier and more confident; they are able to do more of what they love in life. Of course, weight loss success does require a commitment to life-long lifestyle changes.